Magic of Varouzhan Yepremyan’s painting

The pictures of Varuzhan Yepremyan are easily recognized among those at any art exhibition.  The Magic of his painting pleasantly captivates spectators while immersing them in an atmosphere of beauty, harmony, and a world of feeling.

It is the Magic of dawn-colored paints which could appear on Yepremyan’s canvases likely because he has witnessed such colors in his native land Armenia, the land  holding for the initiated the Mystery of Color.

It is the Magic of free gesture by the artist which presents the paints generously, with love.  It is as if the soul of Varouzhan flyes, and in this easy, impetuous flight, soul’s wings move artist’s brush.

Well, there is in Yepremyan’s works the Magic of the artist’s imagination.  Often the personages and abstract forms are performed by Varouzhan Yepremyan as if he sees the world through a round magic glass.  A context of central appearance in his pictures becomes insignificant, disappearing into a monophonic luminous background.  A central figure or form becomes an eternal value; immutable in an earthly human being.  Chains of strokes on Yepremyan’s canvases are light patches of magic glass, and simultaneously - signs of a stopped instant of life.

The favorite themes of the artist are dawn, the presentment of spring and an expectation of love.  It would be wrong, however, to take these themes as naïve youthful romanticism.  The painting of Varouzhan is the Love message to those who in loneliness, don’t know where to go.

In his abstract works, Yepremyan deduces his painting in metaphysical artistry.  It is the presentation of the spiritual essences of the world.  Not a subject, but a mystical image, becomes the centrality of the picture.

The genre painting of Varouzhan Yepremyan demonstrates a granted to the artist Revelation of original perfection of Being.  It is as though his heart beats in unison with the Universe.  The result is that the earthly in his work shines as the heavenly; and the heavenly is combined with the earthly.

A man as a personage is rarely found in the paintings of Varouzhan Yepremyan.  If a personage is necessary to a theme, the artist resorts to allegory:  man as a bull - mighty, beautiful, overflown with energy.  Without fail, it appears in the paintings near a female figure.  This duet, this dance of earthly passions is fine and elevated.  The female images on Yepremyan’s canvas are endowed with divine force.  They are an ennobling spiritual influence, subduing stormy passions.

Also, often a female image plays an another significant role in the works of Varouzhan Yepremyan. Woman as allegory. Lofty, pure, sincere, unfathomable and inaccessible… The artist can express in a female image all the best. 

This painting is an earthly sister of the Heavens.

Though the pictures of Varouzhan Yepremyan appeal to the senses, they reflect a great wisdom:  the source of happiness is not outside, but inside of ourselves!  There is no painful struggle between Light and Darkness in these works.  They express an irrepressible impulse to the Light…a rejoicing hymn in honor of the Light!  This painting has a great spiritual force capable of grasping the spectator’s soul, and drawing him to the Light, really.

In Varouzhan Yepremyan’s ideal world our hearts are united by his works, and lifted toward the Heavens.  His art, as a burning prayer, is the greatest blessing for the world.