Painting by light

The painting of Varuzhan Yepremyan is the light painted by the color. The painter works in traditional genres; he paints landscapes, still lives, compositions based on religious themes, and, of late, he has shown preference of abstract art. But whatever Varuzhan Yepremyan paints, the light remains the main theme of his painting. The light builds the form, calls into being images, creates and spiritualizes the space. The movement of light creates a peculiar musical structure of his canvases, reminding the sounds of the flute and the pipe loved by the painter. Each picture, as a music piece, seems to be done in a burst of creative inspiration and, therefore, inimitable. A smooth, wide, “oval” stroke (as if rocking the canvas’s space), and a constant but infinite in its variations color range make the painter’s manner individual and easily recognizable. The works of Varuzhan Yepremyan of recent years, by the painter’s own words, are connected with his spiritual insights. It is not a reflection of the surrounding world, but a comprehension through the light of its spiritual essence.       


Irina Mamonova